Isla (Rojo)

Oil, nails and fishhooks on linen panel on plywood
96 x 125 x 7 cm

Installation of several paintings surrounding the Gallery space, making coincide all the horizons at the same high, in order the spectator could perceive each painting like a window on the wall, emphasizing the experience of being surrounded by the water. The viewer is the Island.

"The sea is an obsession for any island population…
When I was a child, I looked to the horizon and would imagine the world beyond. The sea represents the seductiveness of these dreams, but at the same time danger and isolation.

The Iron Curtain, a concept from the Cold War that I read about for the first time during history classes when I was student, was my inspiration behind this series of seascape paintings.
I wanted to use thousands of fishhooks to create a surface that would be almost tangible to the viewer upon their approach; this would become the tactile experience of standing in front of a metal fence. The fishhook itself is an ancient tool that has kept its design for centuries and which is also symbolic of seduction and entrapment.
For Cubans the seascape imposes a political and ideological limit that has been dividing families, ideas and feelings for several generations; it is a mental wall between the present and the future that affects the collective conscience like a permanent fascination"    Y.C.