1, 2, 3, Testing

Cast Iron
Variable dimensions

With DUPP project, placed at Havana litoral during 7th Havana Biennial

This installation was made with a group of 14 artists (DUPP) for the 7 Havana Biennial. It’s a more contextual piece. The installation idea talks about the communication problems between people or countries. Then, one hundred microphones were cast in iron, in life size; and they were placed in two directions on the border walls of the city, in front the sea.  The essence of the piece meanings lies in the material, the site that was chosen and mainly in the two positions of the microphones (in front the sea and in front the city). This kind of microphone is an emblem of the contact of the politicians with the masses of people, and it is a symbol of the unidirectional communication. The installation idea was to break this; and it talks about the needs of listening to, expression and dialog.